Counselling and Psychotherapy Tunbridge Wells

You may wonder if ‘just talking’ to another person really can resolve long-standing anxiety, stress and unhappiness.  My experience is that it can. Developing personal insight and better understanding can change the way we think about ourselves, the way we experience life and the relationships we have with others. Where relevant it can also allow us to come to terms with loss and a whole variety of other experiences.

My years working as a counsellor and psychotherapist in London and Tunbridge Wells have provided me with a broad spectrum of experience. My earlier work as a physiotherapist in hospitals, schools and the community and latterly as a Public Health Specialist for South East London Health Services have given me the breadth of life experience on which my practice is based. In later years working as a Bereavement Support Worker for CRUSE Bereavement Service added to this experience.

Olwen Wade Jones - Counselling and Phychotherapy in Tunbridge Wells
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